Monday, 24 October 2011

15:42 - The horror, the horror, the horror.... Preview - BEEF PRESENT HUORATRON

Friday 28 October - Chambre69 Glasgow

This Friday marks the return of Glasgow's techno gruesome twosome in the shape of B*E*E*F presents HUORATRON@ CHAMBRE69

Befitting the tone of an All-hallows Eve weekend, intrepid techno-naughts IAMBLIP and Ross "The Kid" have sought out Finnish electro-sadist HUORATRON to headline a night of hard, heavy-handed splatter horror for all the family.

Playing his first ever Scottish headline slot, described as "That fucking beardy, bald maniac" and building a sonic assault from the tortured squeals of mutilated 8-bit circuitry, The New Judas Collective's favourite son will aim to decimate your hearing with an ear splitting live set that rewards and punishes in equal measures.

Backed by residents at large IAMBLIP and THE KID chucking out the sort of techno that would make grown men weep, it may be advisable to save yourself time and preemptively smash your face in with a claw-hammer before attending...

BEEF Facebook event page

Friday 28th October, Chambre69
11pm - 3am
£10 (Bring Your Own Claw Hammer)

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