Tuesday, 13 September 2011

00:42 - A thousand autumns, revolutions and Rod Hull-alikes.

Today I finished reading The thousand autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell  - A book thats language describes it's setting so beautifully that i actually felt a real sadness finishing it. I wanted to to stay in it's floating world forever.  I implore that anyone who has stumbled across this blog and hasn't read the book to get a copy or download it to what ever nano device/cerebral implant that you using these days to ACCESS RAW TEXUAL INFORMATION FOR PLEASURE and lose yourself in it for a couple of weeks. It's cheaper and possibly better than a holiday.

I also watched Persepolis tonight. Well, it was between that or Kurosawa's Throne of Blood.  Ended up opting for Kurosawa's Macbeth inspired epic. I however seem to have lost another DVD to the sands of moving between flats and/or mental ex-es frisbee-ing my stuff out of windaes so Persepolis won by default.

Heavy fucking film. Quite, quite brillant though. It's an animated autobiographical account of a young girl's life growing up in Iran pre and post Islamic revolution with a few stints in Europe based on a graphic novel. I've never read the novel before but the film was visually stunning - the terse black and white animation fitting the oppressive feeling of post revolution Iran.

In other news, some supercool DJ [Mehdi] did a Rod Hull and died in a freak roofing related accident today and i haven't got a fucking clue who he is.

It's a sad day for me - I have officially become uncool as fuck. I'm away to hold a candlelight vigil for my lost credibility. Even if they are sooo early 2011.

We are all my lost credibility. 

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