Wednesday, 21 September 2011

12:02 - One of the boys.

US President Barack Obama will urge his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas to drop a bid for UN recognition of statehood later on Wednesday

Mr. Obama's transformation from super-fly hip-hop generation darling/liberal-ish thinking (for the U.S. at least) Demi-god  to just another one of "the boys" is almost complete.
Why did I think he'd be any different?

Let's be honest Mr President fucked it at the outset by promising to close Guantanamo  Bay and then erm... not (at time of writing.) while also signing an executive order that set into law the already existing practice on Guantánamo of holding detainees indefinitely without charge.  Hunting down and summarly executing Osama Bin Laden without trial compounded the fact that like everyone before he'll forgo his ideals to keep himself in power.

I couldnae gie a fuck if he's good at basketball and best pals with JAY-Z.

So much for integrity.

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